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Dear Voters,

As a Shiv Sena-Bhartiya Janata Party candidate, I am once again contesting the upcoming Lok Sabha elections from your North-Central Mumbai Loksabha Constituency. It is my sincere appeal that you cast your valuable vote to me.

You are aware of my in-depth personal achievements. Yet, to refresh your memory, I am a Post Graduate and have done my M.A., LL.B.
I am leading my professional career for the past forty-two years. Through 'Kohinoor Classes', forty-two years back, I started educating students. Today, around twenty-five thousand students pass out from Joshi’s Kohinoor Technical Institute every year. With the passage of time, the scope and boundaries of Kohinoor Technical Institute have expanded. In addition, my son along with the Institute has also involved himself in the construction and hotel business. With my son totally involved in the professional activities of the Institute, the construction business & the hotel business, I have absolved myself from these activities for the past ten years.

The honorable Shiv Sena Pramukh Shri. Balasaheb Thackeray, is my mentor with whom I am fortunate to work for the past thirty-seven years in a social and political spectrum. I have slowly and surely climbed the rungs of the ladder of success as Shiv Sena Leader, Corporator of Mumbai Municipal Corporation, Chairman of the Standing Committee of Mumbai Municipal Corporation, Mayor of Mumbai, Member of Maharashtra Legislative Council, Leader of Opposition of Maharashtra State Assembly and Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Cabinet Minister in the Central Government and Loksabha Speaker. This is all due to the blessings of you all, the Shiv Sena & Bhartiya Janata Party. I have worked under the able guidance of Honorable Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayeeji and Honorable Shri. Balasaheb Thackeray. Whenever I have worked on any assignment, I have sincerely spared no efforts to do full justice in my endeavors to complete the job.

Because of your valuable vote given to me, I could ably work in Mumbai, Maharashtra and Hindustan.

Shiv Sena and Bhartiya Janata Party along with certain other political parties have decided to contest the coming Loksabha Elections. This coalition has prepared an agenda for national well-being. The agenda spells and endorses Stability, Able Administration, Prosperity and International Credibility. National Democratic Alliance (N.D.A.) Government has done excellent work and wants to bring about ‘A New, Able, and Strong Bharat’. This is what National Democratic Alliance (N.D.A.) is determined to achieve.In my Loksabha Constituency, I have distributed the current year’s calendars at the back of which I have enumerated various assignments that I have completed. Every month, on a regular basis I have visited my constituency at least six times and held ‘Janta Darbars’ where I have reviewed many important pressing problems. I have completed enumerable work.

Some important assignments are as follows:


During the past forty years, connecting Kurla (East) and Kurla (West) was a problem in Nehru Nagar State Assembly Constituency. It is going to take long time to complete Santacruz-Ghatkopar Flyover. With my continued efforts, I could get sanction and allocation of Rupees Ten Crore from the Railway Ministry for an underground tunnel (sub-way) connecting Kurla (East) and Kurla (West) and the work is in progress. I have the pleasure to announce completion of one promise made.

Twice on mega basis, Health Camps were conducted at Dharavi and Antop Hill, Wadala. Each Health Camp had an expenditure of Rupees Twenty-five to Thirty Lakh. The response to these Health Camps was overwhelming and the camps proved to be very beneficial to the poor citizens. Around Thirty-five to Forty Thousand such people got medically examined and were treated accordingly.

On account of relentless perseverance with the Hon. Prime Minister Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayeeji, I got a sanction and allocation of Rupees Five Hundred Crore for the rehabilitation of Dharavi. The slum here is the biggest in the Asian continent. I am hopeful and confident that in the next five years, the development will be complete and the citizens here will get a better humanitarian standard of life.

Harbor Railway at Sewree has created a distinct division between Sewree and Naigaon. To connect these two divisions, I had to make continuous efforts which resulted in the construction of a foot-over bridge, which fulfilled the demand of the citizens here. This foot-over bridge became a matter of convenience to the citizens in this area and they are happy on this fulfillment.

A foot-over bridge is also constructed at Mahim. This eliminated the risk of road accidents caused mainly due to the road going to the airport through Machhimar Colony and Koliwada area. The citizens are relieved from the risk of road accidents to a great extent and now they are very happy with this arrangement.

The problematic question of the hawkers in Dadar area is old and chronic. For the hawkers, with my efforts, ‘Hawkers Plaza’ was constructed. In the beginning the hawkers agreed to go there but subsequently they did not. In the mean time, Municipal Corporation took action to evict hawkers and cleared the roads in Dadar area. Due to this action, the roads near the railway station were totally open to the public and they could walk freely on the roads. But, new hawkers encroached into the area. During this time the Supreme Court has given a verdict on ‘Hawking-No Hawking Zone’. I am hopeful that this problematic question of the hawkers will be solved completely through the said verdict on ‘Hawking-No Hawking Zone’.

The problem of the famous beach ‘Dadar Chowpatty’ is a difficult one. Erosion of ‘Dadar Chowpatty’ is a matter of concern. In addition to this, in the rainy season, the stormy waves have posed danger to the buildings near the seashore. Therefore a proposed project involving crores of Rupees has been mentored. Because of this new project, the erosion will stop; the seashore will retain its natural beauty.

In the last Loksabha Elections, whatever promises and commitments I have made, almost all of them are fulfilled.

The most important is rehabilitation of Dharavi. Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai, State Government of Maharashtra and Central Government at Delhi can come together to complete this mega project.
The dwelling habitat of Antop Hill is another Dharavi personified! In fact, the dwellers here are affected worse than Dharavi residents Therefore, there is a dire need to develop this area by increasing F.S.I. This area can only be developed if it gets F.S.I. of 2.5. I will rigorously follow this issue with the State Government.
Rehabilitation of the hutments on Senapati Bapat Marg. This road is heavily commuted by traffic. It is pertinent to give alternate accommodation for the existing hutments on both the sides of the road. I have already undertaken this work and this is part of ‘Clean Dadar, Clean Mahim’.
There are many Textile Mill Workers who stay in my Loksabha Constituency. They are predominantly the workers of N.T.C. Not only was I successful in giving increased V.R.S. to them, but I have also made a proposal to the Central government to rehabilitate them at their existing place. The Sub-committee of the Central Ministry has sanctioned this proposal of rehabilitation. One has to be cautious while effecting sale of Textile Mills’ land at large. It shall always be my endeavor and effort to protect and ensure rehabilitation of the Textile Mill Workers and establish them at the same existing place so that the workers are not deprived of this predicament. This will be my sincere effort in next five years.
5. Apart from this, my efforts will be to give the same justice to Swadeshi Mill Workers as well.
Mahim residents do have a beach, yet they have no approach roads to go to the beach. Apart from this there are unauthorized constructions near the beach. I have resolved to see that the beach at Mahim will have the same design as the beach at Dadar.
My Muslim sisters in Qureishi Nagar, which falls under the Nehru Nagar State Assembly Constituency, have demanded a maternity home to be established. It will be my endeavor to construct a maternity home in this area.

Today our nation is facing many major problems. The problem of increasing population and terrorism. The problem of increasing unemployment is a fearsome day to day problem. We should be ready to face these innumerable problems. Whichever field you work in, it should be your effort to excel in that field. We should make continued efforts to see that Hindustan captures the International Market. Hon. President of India Shri Abdul Kalam and Hon. Prime Minister of India Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayeeji have a dream to make our nation completely developed by 2020 A.D. Let us make all efforts to make this dream come true. Therefore it is our solemn duty to give a stable government to the nation under the leadership of Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayeeji.

My dear brothers and sisters, I make this appeal that you cast your valuable vote to me to represent you in the Loksabha and put forward the questions of Maharashtra and the nation at large.

Yours sincerely,


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